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Posted on December 3, 2016 By

Everyone has surely heard the horror stories of people applying for social security disability, only to get turned down, time and time again. However, it doesn’t have to end with the receiving of a denial letter. The person who truly has a case for social security disability benefits should appeal the denial and get right back in the fight. It becomes necessary to understand what things should be done to have a better chance of getting approved the next time around. Here are some things recommended by a law firm in Miami, Florida.

The person applying for disability should get with his or her doctor and let the physician know about the application for social security disability benefits. Everything that is prescribed, and anything that will prevent the person from working should be written up and signed for the representing attorney to use in defending the case. It is important that the doctor cooperates with the attorney, in order to remove any hurdles that may stand in the way of the client getting the disability claim approved.

Another thing that the client should do is to talk to his or her doctor about any other things they want to do concerning the health. For example, if the client believes he or she needs a cane to keep from becoming unsteady, the doctor should be the one to medically certify this to be so. The doctor needs to say that the client cannot get around without the aid of the cane. If the client has heart issues and takes nitroglycerin as a result, this should be noted. Nothing should be done without first going through the doctor and the attorney.

The Law Offices of Stuart Barasch advise on these steps and others that their clients need to take to have a successful disability claim. Fo several decades, they have helped clients get their previously denied applications approved. They also help clients get approval for Supplemental Security Income benefits if their social security disability benefits are turned down. They have provided more information for people to find out about their services at